Who are we?

Ing. Mike Zeegers RSE

Managing Director & Operations

Is an experienced Security Professional. Mike guides medium-sized and large companies and organizations in professionalizing Security Risk Management. He focuses on strategic (Policy) and tactical (Organization) levels. In addition, Mike have many years’ experience as interim Security Manager. Knowledge of physical Security is his passion and he not only advise but checks.

Ing. Ruben Zeegers CISSP RSE

Director Technologie & Operations

Ruben is an experienced Security professional who advises large and complex organizations. He advises senior management on issues related to cyber, physical and information security. Activities are policy development, security management (ISMS), ISO 27001 compliance, privacy, risk management, business continuity and awareness. Ruben is also active as a Security trainer, author and professional speaker.

Milan Hulleman CPO CIPM

Director Finance & Operations

As a Security Professional, Milan mainly assists SMEs and (medium) large organizations with simple, but also complex issues related to Privacy and Physical Security. Milan has extensive knowledge and experience of everything that has to do with access control and cameras. Furthermore, AVG legislation belongs to its core area. Finally, he also has licensee to act as a Private Investigator.

Julian van Sijp BA

Member of Security Risk Watch

With his experience in the “Cyber World” Julian is able to support organizations as Security Professional in issues related to Information Security & Privacy. Julian also has extensive knowledge of Pen testing, Red-Teaming and Cyber Security.w

Security Risk Watch as cooperation

Security Risk Watch is a cooperation of security professionals who are complementary in terms of experience and innovation. Clients experience the added value of this. Our vision is, in a society that is constantly subject to change, to help as many organizations as possible protect and make people feel safe in their (digital) work and living environment. Our core values are enthusiasm, connection, trust and innovation.

Why a membership?

Do you like working together, stimulating each other, cooperative thinking, sharing knowledge, but especially entrepreneurship? Then we would like to receive your contact details or contact us via the button below. Security Risk Watch is a cooperation that works in a refreshing and personally committed manner, to offer organizations maximum protection. We stand for innovative and cost-saving solutions. Solutions we workout closely with our customers, to ensure workability and effectiveness.

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